taking a pen for a walk.


A liberating stroll along a roll of paper (a till roll would be ideal). Unravelling our minds as we meander along a paper trail.

We start perhaps with a dot, making small marked movements to another dot, a pause observing the pressure of our fingers on the pen, our breath, our eyes may be open or they might be shut momentarily.

As we move along the journey, unrolling the paper, we might visualise an imaginary landscape  or acknowledge an emotional response to the progression we make.

Our lines might be dancing, leaping, rolling or shouting, they might be lively one moment and quiet the next. The journey could last the entire roll of paper.

Your drawing might become more expressive as you progress, relaxed or enlivened, there is no expected outcome. You could roll the paper back up and replay the journey, use the same roll several times making a multitude of progressions through the roll, perhaps with different colours.

this exercise was made with uni-ball Eye